Z523     Model 1910 Canteen (1918 Set) (Cover: Rock Island Arsenal/ Canteen & Cup: AGM Co. 1918)

Description: Here is an excellent set all marked 1918. The cover is a R.I.A. 1918 Pattern and you can still see the inspector's mark on the left interior ear. There is a small hole in the cover that you can see in picture No. 3 that is right on the seam. There is also a very small spot on the cover about 1.5" up from the "S." These are unnoticeable but mentioned for exactness. The inside is flawless and still lined with felt with no holes, cuts, or tears. Both snaps still work and have the full finish in place. The canteen itself is minty. The welded seams are great and the canteen still has the original frosting on it with wear where the snaps touch. It is marked, " US / AGM Co 1918." The welded neck ring, chain, and top pin all still have their original finish. The cup is in excellent shape and is also marked, "US / AGM Co / 1918." It appears to have the original wash with some corrosion where the folding handle has been sitting on it which is typical of this style. There are no dents or dings to the canteen or cup. These are becoming increasingly hard to find in this condition. This perfect all matching set would look great in your military collection.

Measures: 8" x 5.5" x 3.5"

Recovered: Surplus Stock

Price: $165.00


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