Z469     Model 1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali Rifle 10.4mm (Brescia 1883)

Description: Here is a very nice condition rifle that was once on display in a New York museum. This M1870 Italian Vetterli rifle was modified in 1887 to hold the four round Vitali magazine. This example is still in great shape with a very nice bore. The wood has a very dark patina with some minor dings from service. The rear of the stock is stamped with the arsenal markings and a number. All of the metal has a very dark brown patina with very little rust. Both sling swivels/barrel bands are in place. The only thing that is missing on this piece is the cleaning rod. The front sight and bayonet lug are intact and the rear sight is fully functional. The barrel is crisply marked Brescia 1883 No. 8216. These rifles were used early on in WWI and were replaced by the 6.5mm Carcano Rifle

Measures: 53" in Length

Price: $365.00


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