Z2542     War of 1812 King's 8th Regiment Cross Belt Plate

Description:  Excavated cross belt plate for the King's 8th Regiment. I would assume this plate was recovered from the water based on the condition and smooth worn face. Two of the metal studs are securely attached with silver solder. The third attachment piece broke off a long time ago. This plate features the crown on top with a ribbon marked "KING'S" on the bottom. The circular motif in the middle has a horse in the center and the words, "HONI - SOIT - QUI - MAL - Y - PENSE." This plate is relatively flat with a few holes. The center is completely detached. There are a few letters lightly carved into the back of the plate.

Measures: 53 mm x 70 mm

Recovered: Unknown

Reference: History Written with Pick and Shovel Pg. 197

Price: $495.00


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