Y443     12mm Pinfire Revolver Cartridge by Charles Fusnot of Brussels, Belgium

Description: Here is a very nice 12mm pinfire cartridge produced by Charles Fusnot. This one is in excellent condition and has the light headstamp of, "Fusnot*Bruxelles*." This style of pinfire cartridge is known to have been found in campsites used during the American Civil War. I have also added a picture of the box they were issued in which is not for sale. The box is marked, "Fabrique / De Balles Et Cartouches. / 25 Revolvers Cartouches Lefaucheux / de 12 milimetres." This would make a great addition to any Civil War cartridge collection.

Measures:    L 1.002"

Reference: RBTRF Vol. 4 No. 948

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $25.00


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