Y374     Unlisted .61 Four Ring Bullet

Description: Here is a rare variant that I am pleased to offer. This is the second one of these that I have ever had. I now know of three and all of them have been recovered on the Best Farm which is part of the Monocacy Battlefield. This one almost appears to be a .58 bullet that was cast without the cavity plug in the mold. However...these bullets are larger than your typical .58 three ringer. You can clearly see where the paper/skin cartridge was trimmed at the base of the bullet. In the 2nd groove from the bottom there is an excellent knife mark that goes halfway around the bullet. There are a few little marks on the side of the bullet but it is a rare one! This would make an excellent addition to any Civil War small arms collection!

Measures:    D .600  L 1.118 

Cavity: None

Reference: Unlisted

Recovered: Best Farm, Monocacy Battlefield, Maryland

Price: SOLD


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