Y354     Complete Pack of Frankford Arsenal Internally Primed .45 Ammunition for 1873 Colt Army/1875 Schofield Dated 1878

Description: Here is a very nice box of .45 ammunition for the 1873 Colt Army and the 1875 Smith & Wesson Schofield. This box is in very nice shape and still has the full pull string attached to the side. There is a very slight seam crack above where the pull string starts but is only mentioned for exactness. This type of box was originally shellacked  giving the appearance of a variation of colors. This would make an excellent addition to any Colt or Indian War cartridge collection.

Measures Approximately: 3.5" x 1.5" x 1"

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $350.00 Sale Pending!


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