Y1218     Maynard .50-50 Foil & Paper Cartridge (Poultney's Patent)

Description: Here is a decent cartridge produced by Thomas Poultney of Baltimore Maryland. The patent was actually held by Thomas Rodman and Silas Crispin. It was assigned to Thomas Poultney for the manufacturing of these cartridges. The specific patent number is 40,988, dated December 15, 1863. This cartridge is known to collectors as the foil and paper cartridge. The wall of the cartridge is made of very thin sheet metal and is covered in paper. The idea behind this cartridge was to allow the casing to expand when firing in order to create a gas check. This cartridge is slightly soiled and has a few small dents on the body which is common due to the materials used during the manufacturing process.

Measures:    OAL 1.637"  CL 1.203"

Reference: The Cartridges of Edward Maynard by King & King Pg. 21

Price: $95.00


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