Y1204     Rare .54 Burnside Carbine Cartridge (Poultney's Patent #40,988 / December 15, 1863 / Wrapped Foil)

Description: Here is a very scarce .54 Burnside carbine cartridge manufactured under Poultney's patent. The patent was actually held by Thomas Rodman and Silas Crispin, and was assigned to Thomas Poultney for the manufacturing of several types of cartridges. This Burnside is the only Civil War "Poultney" cartridge that didn't employ both paper, and wound brass foil. This example only used the wound brass foil on the casing. The brass foil would expand upon firing sealing the rear of the chamber. However, it actually caused light fouling and was less superior to the cartridges made by the Burnside Rifle Company. According to Dean Thomas, the trials for this cartridge were held mid-March 1864 at the Washington Arsenal in Washington, D.C., and they were eventually delivered between June and July of 1865. This is the second rarest Burnside cartridge known. This example is in exceptional shape having been fired and reloaded. The majority of these I have seen have heavily dented casings. 

Measures:    OAL 2.333"  CL 1.906"

Reference: RBTRF Vol. 2 No. 376

Price: $650.00


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