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Z1013     Model 1879 Combination Tool for .45/70 Rifles

Description: Here is a very nice combination tool with most of the original bluing intact. These M1879 combination tools were used with the .45/70 rifles. This one is clearly marked US / MOD 1879.

Measures: 2.6" x .9"

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $30.00

Y325     .58 Benet Internal Primed Ball Cartridge for the 1866 Allin Conversion Muskets

Description: Here are four very nice cartridges for the early Allin Conversion Rifles issued in 1866. These would make an excellent condition to any cartridge collection.

Measures:    L 1.707

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $95.00 Each 3 Left

Z993     Complete and Unopened Box of 42 .50 Spencer Carbine Cartridges for the Model 1865 Spencer Carbine by Sage Ammunition Works

Description: Here is a very fine unopened pack of (42) Spencer carbine cartridges manufactured by Sage Ammunition Works of Middletown, Conn.. This is the variant with the green label. This label type is unlisted in Dean Thomas's Roundball to Rimfire series. This box has been wrapped in cellophane in order to protect it. The top of the box has three split corners which is common on boxes this old. This would make a fine addition to any Spencer or cartridge collection.

Measures Approximately 4.25" x 4.5" x 1.75"

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $695.00 Sale $595.00

Z814    .405 Cartridges for the Winchester Model 1895 Lever-Action Rifle (W.R.A. Co. .405 W.C.F. /U.M.C. .405 C.F)

Description: Nice cartridges that were developed in 1904 for the lever-action rifle. This is the caliber that was made famous by Theodore Roosevelt on his African Hunts. These cartridges were phased out in the late 1930's-1940's. We have one of these that are headstamped "W.R.A. Co. / .405 W.C.F" and one headstamped "U.M.C. .405 C.F." The UMC cartridge has a brass primer stamped "U." One of the Winchester cartridges are stamped with a "W." All of the casings are in excellent shape. The bullet tips show a little oxidation and the copper jackets are fine.

Price: $8.00 Each (Qty. Avail. 2)

Z813     .45-90 Winchester Necked Cartridges ( W.C.F / W.R.A. Co.)

Description: All of these are in excellent condition. Desirable cartridges at a reasonable price. Three of these have a copper primer and one has a brass primer.

Price: $18.00 Each (Qty. Available 4)

Z812     .50-100-450 Winchester Cartridge (W.R.A. Co.)

Description: Harder to find Western cartridge. This flat tipped bullet is seated in a brass casing with a brass primer. Very nice condition!

Measures: 2.754" in Length

Price: $35.00

M11     Late Indian War or Early Spanish American War Company Photo

Description: Here is an excellent image of a company of soldiers that appears to be from Pennsylvania. You can kind of make out a keystone on one of the hat insignia. This is an excellent image and the detail is great. You can see a wide variety of accoutrements such as canteens, cups, web belts, swords, belt plates, a holster, and bayonets. These soldiers are all armed with the .45/70 Trapdoor Springfield muskets. They all appear to be wearing their packs with the tents rolled up on top and their haversacks on the side. The soldier in the front row on the left has a pistol inside of his model 1881 holster. He is also wearing the 1872/72 regulation belt with the US buckle fully visible. He also has the model 1878 canteen strapped to his side. A few of the soldiers have insignia on their hats. Both officer's standing in the front are holding swords and the letters "U.S.V." can clearly be seen on their collars. The majority of the men appear to be wearing the 1880's .45/70 Mills web belts that would have held 45 rounds of ammo with the captive wire ends. The actual image measures approximately 10" x 7" and is mounted on a thick paper stock board measuring 12" x 10". The board has a few bends and a little foxing but the image is in fine shape with plenty of color and detail. 

Measures: 12" x 10"

Price: $95.00

Z628     Ohio State Seal Staff Button (Indian War Era

Description: Here is a very nice Ohio state seal staff officers button. This one has the sun coming over the mountains with the plow in front of the sheaf of wheat with the bundle of five arrows. This two piece button was made for Pettibone Manufacturing Company and was sold by them. They were a dealer in very fancy military goods and you have probably seen several belt rigs and swords made by them for officers. This would be the later style of button that is misting the boat on the front.

Backmark: "(dot) PETTIBONE MFG CO (dot) / CINCINNATI" dm with inner ring of dots

Measures: 22.62mm

Recovered: Non Dug Example

Price: $20.00

Z400    1874 Palmer Infantry Brace Yoke (Watervliet Arsenal Produced)

Description: Here is a pretty nice infantry piece from the 1870's. This is the Palmer Infantry Brace that attached to the Model 1874 belt. This was meant to place some of the weight of the equipment on the shoulders and back rather than the waist alone. The 1874 belt would have held two McKeever cartridge boxes and a bayonet. The two rear straps would have held the haversack and clothing bag. This example is very nice. The leather has some crazing but nothing like the ones I have seen. The leather is supple and the inspector's marking is clear. This would be a great addition to any Indian War collection and would look great holding the belt and cartridge boxes.

Markings: "Watervliet Arsenal" Inspected By: A.R. Smith

Measures: 36" in Length

Price: $195.00 Sale $133.00

Z267     .58 Conversion Block for Musket Tins (Allin Conversion)

Description:  Nice unissued conversion block from Bannermann's surplus. These wooden blocks were produced to hold the .58 rimfire musket cartridge for the Allin conversion. There are two rows of four. The middle brace was removed and replaced with a solid wooden block to hold a total of 8 Allin cartridges on the top and a box of 8 Allin cartridges below. The majority of these conversion blocks will no longer hold the actual cartridges due to shrinking.

Measures: 4.5" x 3.75" x 1.5"

Reference: Reference: Dorsey, Indian War Cartridge Pouches, Boxes and Carbine Boots Pg. 20

Price: $85.00

Z250    Model 1904 Haversack by Rock Island Arsenal

Description: Here is a very nice marked M1904 Haversack. This one is marked 13 C D C NY 4 over 69. I would assume this is for the Coast Defense Corps?. The interior is marked Rock Island Arsenal but it is faded. This pack does have the ration bag inside of it. The pot metal attachment buttons for the ration bag are in place but rusted. The bag does have some soiling but it looks much better in person.

Measures: 14" x 14"

Price: $65.00

Z173     Model 1866 French Chassepot Bayonet

Description: Here is a very nice French Chassepot bayonet produced in 1874 during the third empire. The scabbard retains quite a bit of the original finish. There is some light surface rust and a few small patches on the scabbard. The blade retains a nice bright finish with some very small grease/rust spots. The serial numbers on the handle and the scabbard do not match. Overall this is a very nice piece and would look great in any military collection.

Measures: 28" in scabbard

Marked: Mre d' Armes de St. Etienne 1874

Price: $135.00

Z68     New York State Seal Button (Indian War Period)

Description: Nice non dug New York coat button. This is the post war type with the wider rim. This is probably from a NYSM coat.

Measures: 23mm

Backmark: "*SCOVILL MF'G Co */ WATERBURY" dm inner ring of dots.

Price: $15.00 Sale $10.00

Z8     Indian War/Spanish American Collar/Sleeve Bars

Description: Here are two very nice collar/sleeve bars. Both of them are about the same length and style but very in color. Each bar comes with a Civil War period cuff button resting in place. This style of bar with the ornate rim pattern is seen on clothing from the New York National Guard. These pieces may be Spanish American or may be slightly earlier. These would make a great addition to any insignia collection.

Measures: 1" x 4.5"

Price: $45.00 Each Sale $30.00 Each Top One is Still Available


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