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Updated January 5, 2018


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Z1251     Antique Stoneware Bud Vase or Inkwell

Description: Here is a neat little inkwell or bud vase from the late 19th century. It's crude in manufacture and has a nice spout. The entire piece is glazed. It kind of reminds me of the unglazed inkwells that are dug out of huts. It's still a really neat piece of stoneware that you don't see that often.

Measures: 2.5" x 3"

Recovered: Non Excavated

Price: $20.00

Z1248     Grouping of Six Civil War Era Photographs

Description: Here is a nice little lot of Civil War Era photographs. Five of them have cases, one is in a partial case, and the other is in a metal frame. The cases aren't perfect but the lot is priced to move!

Price: $95.00

Z1046      Very Scarce Original Copy of "Prof. O. N. Rood on the American Rifle"

Description: Nice original copy of a scarce publication. This one was printed by E. Hayes of New Haven Connecticut in 1860 and is from the American Journal of Science and Arts, Vol. XXX, July, 1860. The publication is actually titled, "Experiments on the Forms of Elongated Projectiles. Interesting 16 page illustrated pamphlet about the science of bullets.

Measures: 5.75" x 9"

Price: $95.00

Z849     Envelope to Col. Hofmann 56 Pa. Vol. 2nd Brigade 1st Div 1st Corps

Description: Here is a nice envelope to Col. Hofmann of the 56th Pa. Volunteers written from Washington DC in December of 1863. This one is thought to have been written by Gen. Doubleday or Wadsworth as is penned on the front. I haven't had time to track the writing down to see if there are any similarities in the writing.

Measures: 3" x 5.5"

Price: $65.00

Z844     Excellent Military/Transportation/Engineering Letter for Building Corduroy Roads (A.A.G. Dickinson / Hooker's Division)

Description: Here is an "Official Copy" of the Corduroy Road details for Hooker's Division. There have been a great number of relics recovered from Corduroy Roads that have been excavated over the years. This document in particular lays out how a Corduroy road should be built and how it should be crossed for the 1st time. This is a great document that spans several areas of collecting. It would look great framed with some artifacts recovered from such roads.

Measures: 8" x 9.75"

Price: $185.00

Z566     Confederate Special Order No. 3

Description: This is a neat order telling 2nd Lt. John S. Lanier to report to duty in Vicksburg. He was an aid-de-camp under Major General Leonidas Polk of the 1st Corps. Interesting piece of history.

Measures: 7" x 9"

Price: $225.00 Sale $180.00

Z531     1858-1872 Artillery Hat Cord

Description: Original Artillery hat cord from Bannerman's. These were meant to go over the Hardee Hats. They were used well past the war and most you see are in great shape. Both of the ties on the tassel are missing from this example. The color is still vibrant on this example.

Recovered: Bannerman's Surplus

Price: $65.00 Sale $45.00

Z507     Eight Sided Umbrella Inkwell

Description: Here is a nice umbrella inkwell. This is a very common style used by troops. This one in particular has the iron pontil mark on the bottom instead of the more common open pontil.

Measures: 2.5" x 2.5"

Price: $50.00

Z423     Officer's Shoulder Boards

Here is a nice pair of officer's shoulder boards. These are made of brass, cardboard, and cloth. This set is a nice example of those worn during the war.

Price: $295.00


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