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Updated April 10, 2017


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Z1360     Early Pattern Zinc Schenkl Combination Fuse

Description: Nice early pattern Schenkl fuse from Antietam. This one still has the brass latch clip on top. These are never in great condition when you dig them. There are no visible numbers on top.

Measures: 3" in length.

Recovered: Sharpsburg, Maryland. Hauser Farm (Hauser's Ridge Area)

Price: $75.00

Z1354     Federal 3" Dyer Shell Nose

Description: Here is an excavated Dyer nose recovered from the river here in town. This particular piece was fired by Pleasanton's men (positioned at Ferry Hill) upstream from the Ford. There were a lot of shells recovered from this area but the predominate shell was the 3" Dyer. This one has the wide opening at the bottom of fuse and was meant for a shell rather than case-shot. This one still has small river rocks stuck to the bottom.

Measures: 2.5" x 3"

Recovered: Battle of Shepherdstown, Va. September 19-20 1862 (Retreat from Antietam)

Price: $65.00

Z1352     Excavated Crossed Cannon Hat Insignia Regulation 1858

Description: Here is another complete example of crossed cannon hat insignia. This piece is slightly wavy and has a very small crack on the bottom pinnacle which could have happened during manufacturing. This piece is missing all four of the attachment loops which is common on dug examples.

Measures: 1.75" x 3.25"

Recovered: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Price: $250.00

Z1321     Excavated Crossed Cannon Hat Insignia Regulation 1858

Description: Very nice set of excavated crossed cannons. This piece is slightly wavy but displays nicely. There are no cracks or repairs and the original attachment loops are missing which is quite common on dug examples.

Measures: 1.75" x 3.25"

Recovered: Franklin, Tennessee

Price: $250.00

Z1378     Confederate 3" Read Shell with Bourreleted Rings and Copper Sabot

Description: This is an excavated Read shell with even pitting. This one is missing the screw in fuse which could be tapped and replaced if desired. This one wasn't fired but does have a dent on the copper sabot. That may be the reason it was discarded. There is a very nice lathe dimple on the base. This one has already been cleaned and coated.

Measures: 2.9" x 7"

Recovered: Petersburg, Virginia

Weight: 7lbs.

Price: $275.00 SOLD

Z1374     6lb. Bormann Time Fuse Case-Shot Artillery Shell for the 6lb. Smoothbore Cannon

Description: Very nice 6lb. Bormann shell. The fuse is unpunched and you can still read most of the numbers. This shell has been cleaned, coated, and deactivated. There is a small hole along the mold seam where the round was rendered inert.

Measures: 3.58" in diameter

Weight: 5lbs. 7oz.

Recovered: Richmond, Virginia Area

Price: $350.00 SOLD

Z1314     Wrapped Packet of 10 Paper Time Fuses (Watervliet Arsenal)

Description: Nice packet of 10 paper fuses. The best thing about this packet is it's arsenal marking. You don't see that too often. The front of the packet reads, "10 Paper Fuses 14 Sec to an inch. Watervliet Arsenal." I have sold a few dozen of these packs over the years and this is only the second one with an actual arsenal marking.

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $195.00

Z1257     Confederate Time Fuse Adaptor

Description: Very nice Confederate time fuse adaptor with perfect threads. This one sill has dirt on it.

Measures: L 1.893"

Recovered: Virginia

Price: $75.00 SOLD

Z1255     Model 1863 Artillery Curb Bit with Two US Bit Bosses

Description: Here is a nice M1863 artillery curb bit. This one still has the lower bar in place. At one time these were plated and this one in particular still has some plating around the bit bosses. You can clearly see the "US" stamp on this bit in three different places.

Measures Approximately 9" x 6"

Recovered: Surplus Stocks

Price: $195.00 SOLD

Z1025     Lot of Two Different Brass Bormann Underplugs

Description: Nice lot of two different styles of Bormann underplugs. Each one is different in size and both are made of brass.

Measures: Left .370" x .999" Right .411" x .965

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $30.00 SOLD

Z676     Federal Zinc Parrott Time Fuse Adaptor

Description: Here is an excellent early war Parrott time fuse adaptor. This one has a pleasing patina and the threads are fairly crisp. This is the early pattern without the flange around the top. A slight mold seam can been seen on both sides. There is a small hole in the base which appears to be a mold flaw.

Measures: 1.62" in Length, Head Diameter 1.104"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $45.00 Sale $40.00

Z675     Federal Naval Watercap Fuse "ORD. D. Anchor / 1864"

Description: Here is a very nice 1864 marked fuse for a naval shell. This one is in excellent condition and could be screwed into a shell. The top is marked "ORD. D. Anchor / 1864" and is fairly crisp. It has a nice dark brown patina and top is still shiny with the original color showing through. The interior watercap is missing on this example but the interior threads are good as well. There is just one slight nick that is shiny and is visible on the large bushing in picture number two. It isn't that noticeable but is mentioned for exactness.

Measures: 2.42" in length, Head Diameter: 1.26"

Recovered: Unknown

Price: $125.00 Sale $110.00

Z555     Brass Percussion Fuse Hulls

Description: Here are four Hotchkiss and Schenkl percussion fuses that have had the tops blown off. All of these came of an old display and they have glue on them. All of them were recovered from the Vicksburg, Mississippi area. You could still place a cleaned slider inside of these.

Recovered: Vicksburg, Mississippi

Price: $25.00 Each (Qty. Avail 2) Sale $20.00 Each


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